We have used our charitable remainder unitrust to protect us from predatory creditors. We have gifted cash into our trust and disburse income to our income beneficiaries. If you need to protect your assets and are looking to reduce your tax liabilities then call Strategic Trust Consultants.

- Mark Axenroth
Commerce, Ga

I am very happy with my charitable remainder trust. The charitable remainder trust allows me to protect my personal and company assets. My CRT allows me to plan for my future and I receive tax deductions. I would highly recommend Strategic Trust Consultants without any hesitation.

- Scott Spencer
Warrenville, SC

If you are looking to avoid capital gains taxes get a charitable remainder trust! If you are looking for an estate planning vehicle then get a charitable remainder trust! Strategic Trust Consultants provided me with excellent support in creating my tax exempt Charitable Remainder Trust. I have received tax deductions with my charitable remainder trust and currently using it for my real estate property investments. If you are looking for tax deductions and a place to protect your assets then consider Strategic Trust Consultants

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